FROM OUr Directors

Read more about the Directors' thoughts on the value of collaboration in the Summit for Shared Print in the Collection Lifecycle opening transcript.

Greg Eow


Center for Research Libraries

“Libraries have long known how to harness the power of collaboration through consortia; and when consortia partner with each other, libraries realize the benefits of collaboration at scale. I am thrilled to have HathiTrust, CDL, and CRL partnering to shape the next phase of shared print. To my mind, it’s the right group of academic partners, working on the right topic, to leverage the opportunities of the present moment.”

Mike Furlough

Executive Director


"Like CDL and CRL, we’ve long been committed to community-focused work on shared print, and, like them, we’ve become attuned to the need for deeper alignment among our many different regional networks so that we can ensure sustained future access to research collections. Working with CRL and CDL won’t make this less hard, but I believe our collaboration brings together complementary strengths that we can use for the community's benefit."

Günter Waibel

Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director

California Digital Library

“Looking back on our present crisis, I’d like to be able to say that we didn’t just work harder to win the future, but that we learned how to work smarter. We’re intentionally creating a broad coalition that can go further on Shared Print issues than we each could on our own. I’m committed to this community-anchored work.”