A vision of Shared Print


In the next five years, shared print programs’ collaborative efforts will evolve into an ecosystem of interconnected hubs of knowledge focused on access, active coordination, and sustainable innovation. Shared print will be more fully integrated into collective collections that are an integral part of all library operations and planning. 


The organizations and individuals involved will continually engage in activities that highlight the value of print resources for the scholarly ecosystem in order to ensure the long term retention and accessibility of print materials for future researchers.


Multi-entity stakeholders linked by flows of information, data, services and resources will make up a dynamic ecosystem to address issues across the collection lifecycle. Stakeholders will include, but are not limited to, university presidents, vendors, technologists, library functional specialists and scholars. 

An anchor institution with robust leadership and resourcing will provide a level of coordination, management, engagement and services for these stakeholders so that shared print continues to evolve.  


We will achieve our vision by employing principles of transparency, inclusion, public good, responsiveness and leadership.

We will address the organizational and individual needs of collective collection building and maintenance through: