StraTegic PLANS

2021 : Strategic Plan

CDL, CRL & HT Collaboration Strategic Plan - 2021


The future of print collections is shared. Embedding shared print within the lifecycle of library collections promotes equity of access, enriches the scholarly record and increases opportunities for research and teaching. A well-developed collaborative and interoperable infrastructure ensures we will realize the full potential of our networks and their collective collections.


The California Digital Library, the Center for Research Libraries, and HathiTrust are committed to shared print’s integration into the scholarly ecosystem by developing shared, interoperable infrastructure. We see this collaboration as an opportunity to shift the shared print paradigm so that the work is not tangential to the traditional collection, but fully integrated into the life-cycle of collections (from acquisitions to discovery and resource-sharing). The work we are facilitating will be guided by our principles and centered on our assumptions.

Objectives for 2021

Objective 1: Increase community engagement in the effort to embed shared print in the lifecycle of collections.

Key Results:

  • Increase knowledge about embedding shared print in lifecycle of collections

  • Create engagement structure with an emphasis on participant diversity

  • Initiate vendor participation to explore solutions

Objective 2: Improve the technology solutions that support embedding shared print in the lifecycle of collections.

Key Results:

  • Enhance existing tools to better serve our community

  • Map of shared print use cases in the lifecycle of collections

  • Submit grant proposal for funding a TBD tool

2020 : Strategic Plan Retrospective


  • Created a strong framework for a collaborative relationship among our three organizations by:

    • building trust, laying the foundation for effective interinstitutional working processes;

    • developing a common language for goal setting;

    • documenting progress and accomplishments; and

    • achieving transparency with the community with meaningful communication through established channels.

  • Published our collaboration’s vision, mission, guiding principles, and assumptions

  • With the input of our liaison organizations and our framework on the objectives and criteria for quick wins, we selected a first project, the collection comparison tool. The tool will serve an important immediate need and is a stepping stone to a path of facilitative leadership that engages the full community in investing in the infrastructure of shared print

  • Launched cross-organizational teams to carry out the first quick win project